Motorbike Safety Certificates

Have a question? No problem! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions;

I’m new to this, what is the process?

We make it easy, WE COME TO YOU. It’s simple, telephone nice and early and we will fit you in that day! We attend your residential address, work, family home, friends house and inspect your motorbike. If your motorbike complies with Queensland Transports Code of Practice, the Safety certificate will be issued on the spot. It’s that easy.

Can any mechanic inspect my motorbike for a Safety a Certificate/Roadworthy?

No. A mechanic must be a Qld Transport approved examiner. To obtain this license the person needs to be a qualified mechanic, have proven to have experience working solely on motorbikes, hold a clear criminal history and thereafter be approved by Queensland Transport.
Look out for an AIS (Approved Inspection Station) sign or number!

What happens if my motorbike does not pass the first inspection?

If that is the case, you will be issued with a detailed list of what is required to be rectified. Once that has been done, give us a call and we’ll come out for a re-inspection!

Do the mechanics at Mobile Motorbike Safety Certificates offer any mechanical services?

No. We purely inspect motorbikes to Safety Certificate/Roadworthy standard. We feel that this puts the customers mind at ease knowing that we are not failing a motorbike to obtain mechanical work.

How long is the Safety Certificate/Roadworthy valid for?

2 months or 2000 Kms, whichever the sooner.
Keep in mind that once you have used the Safety Certificate/Roadworthy for a transfer or new registration, Queensland Transport requires you to obtain another Safety Certificate/Roadworthy (regardless of the whether it is inside the 2 months or 2000 Kms).

What do you check for a Safety Certificate/Roadworthy?

A Safety Certificate/ Roadworthy is a basic safety inspection based on the motorbikes condition at the time of inspection. Generally, we check brake pads, mirrors, lights, indicators, tyres, leaking struts, oil leaks, chain guard, identification, modification plates, seating compliance as well as test driving the motorbike.
For a full check list, check out the Queensland Transport Code of Practice;

Do I have to display the Safety Certificate/Roadworthy once I have offered the motorbike for sale?

Yes. It is a Queensland Transport requirement that the Safety Certificate /Roadworthy be attached to the motorbike in a conspicuous place. Failure to display the Safety Certificate could result in an on the spot fine!
Useful tip!!
Place the certificate in a clear loose leaf pocket to stop it being damaged or smudged by the wet weather.